HowardKennedyFsi announces redundancy round

September 11, 2013 HowardKennedyFsi has announced a new redundancy round, with plans to lay off seven lawyers.

The firm is the result of an August 2012 merger between Howard Kennedy and Finers Stephens Innocent, which created a combined enterprise of 87 partners. At the time the firm denied any suggestion that the merger would precipitate redundancies, with Chief Executive Mark Dembovsky even claiming that the firm would be hiring more staff.

Since then, ten support staff have been made redundant, and now up to seven lawyers are to join them.

RollonFriday points out that the firm managed to retain all of its seven qualifying trainees, but it can’t be doing as well as it had hoped. Dembovsky said that "along with every other law firm we need to re-evaluate the way in which we do business".

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