Women paid significantly less than men in-house

September 17, 2013 A report from Above the Law supplements the recently released ranking of America’s best-paid general counsel with data on the compensation paid to rank-and-file in-house lawyers.

The data comes from a survey conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence, which found that the most senior positions – Chief Legal Officers/General Counsel (CLO/GC) – experienced an increase in median total cash compensation to $603,400, up 11% from 2012. The number-two position – Deputy CLO – saw an increase in median total cash compensation to $372,500, up 5% from a year ago. All other positions reported slight compensation gains, except for the junior level positions of attorney and staff attorney (both down 6%).

There is a significant gap between the earnings of men and women in the role of chief legal officers and general counsel, with women in these roles reporting an average total cash compensation of $575,200, while their male counterparts took home an average of $723,700. Female deputy chief legal officers surveyed made an average of $316,400 in total cash compensation, while men in the same positions pocketed an average $386,700.

The disparity was largely attributed to smaller bonuses awarded to women corporate counsel, with GC and CLO women and their deputies awarded around 40 percent less in bonuses than men in the same roles.

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