Law Society of Scotland urges pay equity

October 31, 2013 The Law Society of Scotland has urged Scottish law firms to address pay inequality after it published a new survey showed male employees earning considerably more than their female counterparts.

The survey of more than 3400 solicitors showed women are more likely to earn between £15,000 and £45,000 while men are more prevalent in the £65,000 to £150,000 salary bracket. The survey also showed that women are also more likely to be assistants, associates and solicitor team members, while men were more likely to be equity partners, consultants or directors.

Janet Hood, convener of the Law Society's equality and diversity committee, said the gender pay gap had been pushed back, now only appearing after some 10 years of working, but it was then established throughout a solicitor's working life.

"While we can't make definitive statements about barriers to career progress, it's clear that more women than men take career breaks and work amended hours, often because of child-care responsibilities, which is felt to have an impact," she said.

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