Clifford Chance told to tone down claims in Singapore

November 5, 2013 Clifford Chance got itself into hot water last week by skirting the Singaporean ban on foreign firms conducting local litigation. Clifford Chance formed an alliance with local litigation boutique Cavenagh Law, under the name ‘Clifford Chance Asia’, and then send out a press release stating that it was the "first full-service firm in Singapore offering litigation advice".

The statement angered Singaporean authorities, and Law Minister K Shanmugam complained that the remarks were misleading and "conveyed an inaccurate picture" of what the firm was permitted to do under local law. The firm responded quickly by removing the statement from its website and releasing another that said: "Singapore has a great future as a global business and legal hub and we are proud to play our part in supporting the Republic in achieving its ambitions".

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