Reynolds Porter Chamberlain to pay NQs on merit

November 27, 2013 London law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain has decided to replace it’s flat rate of compensation for newly qualified lawyers with a merit-based system.

In September 2014, the £58,000 per annum flat rate paid to all NQs will be replaced with a compensation system that rewards those that have performed exceptionally during their training contracts and who are in busy areas. Some lawyers will take home around £64,000, while others will get less, and in some cases NQs will earn less than the current rates.

Jonathan Watmough, RPC's Managing Partner, told DailyRollOnFriday, "the concept of the flat rate has passed its sell by date and no longer has any integrity. It does not recognise the different merits of individual NQs nor does it recognise the market variances between the different branches of law into which they will qualify".

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