International firm A&O keeps 84% of trainees

December 20, 2013 Allen & Overy has released its trainee retention figures, announcing that it will keep 84% of its March 2014 qualifiers. 45 of the 49 trainees who are due to qualify applied to stay with the firm, and the firm offered jobs to 42. All but one accepted.

The figures for this intake are an improvement on the September 2013 figures, when six of the trainees who were offered places declined to accept them, and the firm posted a retention rate of just 72%. It's also better than the figures from March 2013, when only 70% of the qualifiers were kept on.

RollOnFriday points out that the firm has been reducing its graduate intake since the height of the boom, when it took on 120 trainees a year, to 90 trainees this year, and dropping to 85 next year.

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