Are Blank Rome and Nixon Peabody talking about a merger?

December 31, 2013 Above the Law reports - from unnamed sources - that Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome and Boston firm Nixon Peabody are in merger negotiations. If a successful merger is made, the combined firm would be one of the top 50 largest US firms.

Reports say that the two firms have been in discussions for at least two months, but Blank Rome managing partner Alan Hoffman is playing it cool , declining to confirm or deny the discussions, though he said no merger was imminent.

“I talk to firms all the time,” Hoffman said. “I heard one rumor that we’re going to merge with Nixon Peabody in January and that’s completely false. We are not on the verge of merging with anybody.”

If a merger does go ahead, there might be significant redundancies, since there is geographical overlap between Nixon Peabody’s 16 international offices and Blank Rome’s 11 international offices.

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