UK firm Schillings sees serious staff churn

March 10, 2014 UK law firm Schillings appears to have had a bumpy ride of late, losing around 26 of its 45 members of staff in the last 14 months.

The firm, whose business model was based on containing scandal for private clients, suffered a high profile defeat when it couldn’t manage to keep a lid on the news that footballer Ryan Giggs was having an affair with his sister-in-law, despite securing a super-injunction for the sum of half a million pounds.

After this debacle the firm lost its star partner Gideon Benaim, who had acted for Giggs, and set about reinventing itself from a law firm into a 'reputation and privacy consultancy'. The move seems to have been good for the bottom line, with turnover up 30 percent last year, but it seems to have brought significant staff churn.

The firm says that headcount has nevertheless remained steady, as the firm expands areas like data protection and family law.

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