Senior Partner from Holman relocates to Singapore

April 10, 2014 One of the three senior partners at Holman Fenwick Willan - Richard Crump - has relocated permanently to Singapore as part of the firm’s plan to grow its Asia practice.

Crump explained the move to The Lawyer : “It’s sensible to have one of the team based in Asia Pacific. First, to be closer to our clients and understand and respond to their needs, secondly to demonstrate to our international partners the commitment of the firm to this region.

“It’s good, I think, to be available in this time zone to stimulate ideas and consider how we should develop and whatever the advances in videoconferencing, there is in my view no substitute for physical presence.”

He added: “Singapore’s a great place to do business. It’s a great trading hub to which many clients have moved key operations. It has a highly developed infrastructure and arbitration system. It’s handily located for other offices and areas in the region.”

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