Australian firm Gadens forms alliance with Baxter IP

April 10, 2014 Australian firm Gadens has formed an alliance with Baxter IP, whereby Baxter will call in Gadens’ expertise on litigious matters.

“It is an alliance where Baxters will look after the steps that go to the registration of a patent, but if there is opposition to the patent… or a third party seeks to invoke the patent and becomes litigious, we will come in to support Baxters’ client to enforce their patent rights,” said Mario Sindone, a special counsel with the dispute resolution and litigation group of Gadens in Sydney.

Baxter IP’s practice deals exclusively with patent matters, while Gadens Sydney does not have any patent attorneys in-house.

“By linking hands with Gadens Sydney, Baxter IP is now able to provide its clients with seamless access to specialist IP legal advice when IP matters become contentious,” said Baxter IP’s managing partner, Nicholas Milne.

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