Yale Law Women releases Top Ten Family Friendly Firms

April 22, 2014 Yale Law Women has released its ninth annual Top Ten Family Friendly Firms list.

Before comparing the firms, the asks Yale Law School alumni currently working at Vault 100 firms to determine which of several indicators are most important for family friendliness. This year the alumni chose part/flex-time options and the billable hour requirement as the two most important factors.

The survey also asked current students at Yale Law School about which factors were most important to them as regards family friendliness. Students chose the billable hour requirement and gender equity as the two most important things.

The survey showed that participating firms reported an average of 1,828 billable hours per associate, with female attorneys billing about 70 fewer hours than male attorneys. More than half of the participating firms require full-time associates to work a minimum number of billable hours in order to receive a bonus with the average threshold set at 1,900 hours per year, while the highest target was over 2,100 hours.

Nearly all participating firms offered part-time schedules, and most offered flex-time options. However, alumni expressed skepticism about the likelihood of remaining partner-eligible after switching to a part- or flex-time schedule.

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