US firm Brown Rudnick retracts half of associate offers

April 22, 2014 US firm Brown Rudnick has retracted offers from nearly half of the associates that were due to join the firm in the autumn.

Ten of the 23 associates scheduled to join the firm later this year were knocked back, with the Boston and New York offices bearing the most impact.

In a statement the firm said: “Most of these associates were extended offers to work in our NY and Boston offices and we are not in a position to assimilate such a high number and provide associates with the work opportunities and training that will enable them to develop.

”The hiring process with this first year class started more than a year and a half ago when they were initially interviewed for summer clerkships. During the last two years, we have enjoyed strong financial performance and our business and legal staff have grown significantly, but most of the growth has taken place in different markets, outside of our NY and Boston offices: in London, Orange County, and Paris. 

“We were able to relocate some of last year’s class of first year associates to other domestic offices outside of NY and Boston for the fall 2013, but that is not practical to do for this year’s class.”

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