30% of magic circle promotions went to women in 2014

April 28, 2014 Magic circle law firms seem to be doing a little better with promoting women to the partnership, with 30 per cent of promotions going to women this year, up from 14 per cent last year.

Among the five magic circle firms there were 80 promotions, and 24 went to women this year.
The last of the five firms to announce its promotions figures was Clifford Chance which promoted 21 associates, seven of whom were women. This represents a significant improvement on last year’s numbers, when just two out of 20 promotions went to women.

Matthew Layton, managing partner at Clifford Chance, said: ‘This year’s cohort of new partners can also already claim impressive reputations in their areas of expertise and extremely strong client relationships.’

The prize for best gender balance of the bunch goes to Linklaters where women represented 43 per cent of this year’s promotions. Last year Linklaters promoted just three women out of 24.  

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