Law Firm Eversheds Banned from Website - Internet Freedom of Speech Under Threat

Law firm Eversheds acting on behalf of officers of the University of Wales Lampeter has been banned from being able to access the web site The Lamp Post, for making unfounded threats of legal action and a high court injunction in the knowledge that material on the site was in fact true. Trevor Mayes who edits the site which is campaigning for a University Commissioner or Ombudsman has taken the step to help defend himself from any further unlawful intimidation. He explained that the law is such that it leaves students very little chance of redress for their complaints. Moreover, this is not about defamation but being able to speak out about the unaccountable power of the English Crown, which is held by politicians for their own political ends. In his opinion Eversheds are acting like bully boys to keep students quiet to protect their clients reputation. Eversheds heralded the onset of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education or OIA as being a revolution for students being able to complain over the arcane system of a university Visitor. Trevor Mayes says that it was Eversheds that advised OIA which is run by a company that is 4/5th owned by the universities on setting up its procedures. In his opinion, the findings of the OIA remain confidential in order for Eversheds to protect the reputation of their100 clients and against the public interest. A spokesperson for the OIA has insisted there is no conflict of interest; however, Trevor Mayes says that the whole system does not meet acceptable standards of independence for complaints to other public regulatory bodies. He added that he has proof the system of complaint is so open to abuse by universities that no student is going to get a fair hearing, and the ultimate insult to justice is that the findings of the OIA are in any case unenforceable. Eversheds are again making renewed threats of legal action against The Lamp Post for defamation concerning the publication of the names of the university council and their responsibility for the actions of officers and staff. Trevor Mayes says in his opinion the reasons are two fold, firstly defending the wrongdoing of officers and staff is probably going to cost the university is charitable status under the new Charity Act 2006. Secondly, Eversheds are desperate to conceal what is happening for fear of losing all of their 100 clients the same way.

Law Firm Eversheds Banned from Website - Internet Freedom of Speech Under Threat Thu, May 29, 2008