US firm BuckleySandler to award mid-year bonuses

June 10, 2014 In 2014 it seems more common for large law firms to be announcing redundancies than awarding mid-year bonuses, but financial services specialist BuckleySandler has bucked the trend by announcing the award of mid-year bonuses to associates and staff.

The full details of the award are still unknown. What we do know is that the bonuses will be distributed at the end of June, and that associate bonuses are calculated on an individual basis, with high billers receiving more than the baseline bonus sum.

The last time the firm awarded mid-year bonuses was in 2011. Andrew L. Sandler, the firm’s chairman and executive partner, explained that it has been firm practice since their 2009 launch to “share economic success with all those who contribute to the overall success of the firm”. He continued: “We are gratified by the confidence our clients have placed in us to handle many challenging and complex matters and our lawyers and staff have been working very hard. The partnership appreciates the effort and the contribution of our entire team.”

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