'Best Value' US law schools ranked

June 18, 2014 The National Jurist has published its eighth annual ranking of the US law schools offering the “Best Value” to law students.

The ranking takes into account a law school’s tuition costs (weighted 25 percent), students’ cost of living expenses (10 percent), students’ average indebtedness upon graduation (15 percent), the percentage of graduates who got a job after graduation (35 percent), and bar passage rates (15 percent).

This year there were 53 law schools awarded the ‘Best Value’ designation, up from 47 last year and 46 in 2012.

Jack Crittenden, editor-in-chief of the National Jurist explained why more law schools are making their way onto the list: “When law school enrolment began to drop a few years ago, some schools began to offer more scholarships. We are now starting to see the beginning of that impact on debt. Also, employment numbers are improving, even if slightly.”

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