BigLaw firms increase entry-level recruitment

June 25, 2014 BigLaw firms are increasing their entry-level recruitment to near pre-recession figures, but graduates looking to land a job in a large law firm face serious competition from lawyers that graduated in leaner times and have not yet been absorbed by the job market.

In 2013, 46,776 people graduated from US law schools. Nine months after graduation, 20.6% landed a job at a firm with more than 500 lawyers, according to the National Association for Law Placement. This is an improvement on 2011 figures, when just 16.2% of graduates secured a job at a firm with more than 500 lawyers.

But the total number of such jobs taken by the class of 2013 remains far lower than for the class of 2009: 3,980 positions compared with 5,156.

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