UK firms Morgan Cole and Blake Lapthorn merge

July 4, 2014 UK law firms Morgan Cole and Blake Lapthorn have completed a merger to create Blake Morgan, a firm with a turnover of £72m, 120 partners and a total workforce of 900 in England and Wales. The combined firm has offices in Cardiff, Swansea, London, Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth and Southampton.

When the merger negotiations began they included a third potential partner, Boyes Turner, but Boyes pulled out of the negotiations earlier this year.

The firm will be led by managing partner Walter Cha, who was formerly the managing partner of Blake Lapthorn, and the chief operating officer will be Elizabeth Carr, formerly managing partner of Morgan Cole. The firm will be co-chaired by Stephen Murfitt and Bruce Potter, former chairs of Blake Lapthorn and Morgan Cole respectively.

Mr Cha said: “The merger provides a sustainable platform for growth and the firm will become a powerful competitive force across Wales and England, in this fast-changing legal environment. As Blake Morgan, we will build on the strong foundations of the two legacy firms and realise our ambitious plans for future growth.”

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