US Law Schools see admissions drop by 11%

July 9, 2014 US law schools admissions dropped 11 per cent last year to 39,675 first-year students, making 2013 the smallest incoming class since the 1970s.

The Boston Globe cites figures from the Law School Admission Council to show a 24 percent drop over the past three years, and points out that the trend appears to be continuing, with applicants for law school places dropping a further 8 per cent in 2014.

Law schools all over the country are responding with cuts to faculty and administrative staff, faculty buyouts, pay freezes, a tuition freeze, and an increase in recruitment drives.

Bucking the trend is Harvard Law School, which is seeing a significant increase in applications this year.

Jessica Soban, assistant dean and chief admissions officer at Harvard Law School, said: “The turn-around at the top of the pool shows that people who are serious about law school are coming back.”

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