UK firm Macfarlanes awards PEP of £1.19m

July 16, 2014 UK law firm Macfarlanes has recorded a 22% hump in revenue to £139.74m. Average profit per equity partner increased by 21% to reach a whopping £1.19m. Senior Partner Charles Martin explained to RollOnFriday that "everyone here worked very hard to achieve this. I am proud of them and grateful to our loyal clients for whom we do some great and important work. None of this is taken for granted."

Another London law firm recording huge partner earnings is Mishcons, which saw an 11% rise in turnover to £97.8m, while partners took home an average of £975,000. And Osborne Clarke reported a 26% increase in revenue to £142m and profits per equity partner up a huge 46% to reach £513,000.

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