Macfarlanes introduces CV-blind scheme for diversity

July 24, 2014 Macfarlanes has introduced a new diversity initiative that will see partners interview candidates for training contracts without having seen their CVs.

The CV-blind scheme is intended to improve social diversity within the firm, and rather than being grilled on the details of their experience partners will assess candidates by asking them to respond to a series of hypothetical scenarios.

Of course, CVs will be used to determine who makes it through to this first round of interviews, but Macfarlanes believes the scheme - which is already employed by Clifford Chance - will give candidates from lower-ranked universities the chance to show what they are able to do.

Macfarlanes head of recruitment Sean Lavin explained that the firm "didn't feel there was any need for partners to have access to a candidate's CV in the critical interview where a candidate's analytical skills and commercial awareness are assessed". He pointed out that discrimination based on where a student went to school is usually not the result of a conscious bias, but that the CV-blind approach "helps to eliminate the possibility of bias for or against candidates from particular backgrounds”.

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