Hamlins reports a whopping 52% PEP growth

July 29, 2014 West End law firm Hamlins has seen Profit per equity partner leap up by 52 per cent, from £367,000 to £560,000, in the last financial year.

The 26-partner firm also announced a 27 per cent jump in revenue, going from £10m in 2012/13 to just over £12.6m. In 2011/12, revenue stood at £9m, while in 2010/11 it was £8.4m. Before the impact of the recession, in 2007/08, it was £11.4m.

Corporate head Daniel Bellau indicated that the profit increase was attributable to keeping costs steady while ramping up turnover.

Bellau noted that while the firm’s focus was not growth for growth’s sake, it was keen to increase its reputation management, corporate and real estate finance departments.

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