Ashurst outsources more support staff roles

August 12, 2014 Ashurst is set to lay off up to 17 support staff as it outsources out-of-hours support services.

The current out-of-hours support team consists of 34 staff. The firm intends to retain a London "hub" of staff, while passing the remaining work to an offshore provider.

The move follows Ashurst’s decision, last year, open an office in Glasgow to carry out support services, making around 110 London support staff redundant.

A spokesperson for the firm said the model had proved successful in the firm's Australian offices, which have been outsourcing document production work to South Africa for over a year. The spokesperson added: "We will be consulting with the team in London which could unfortunately lead to some redundancies in the team. As part of the consultation process, we will explore methods for avoiding and minimising this".

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