Trowers & Hamlins develops pathways for paralegals

August 10, 2015 Among a range of responses to the growing number of paralegals at the firm, Trowers & Hamlins is making adjustments to its traineeship program, designating three additional trainees each year, up from the previous 20. As part of the changes made, Trowers has also pledged that a minimum of two of the trainee contracts each year will be awarded to paralegals already working at the firm.

While previously, paralegals at Trowers had to apply through the same facility used by external candidates, now they will have an opportunity to be quickly shortlisted in the process. If a paralegal is passing his/her probation, has support of his/her section head and meets the firm's academic requirements, that person will be brought directly to the later stages of the training contract process.

Additionally, paralegals will have alternative career options, with varying levels and respective salary levels.

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