Appleby London office closed as of late summer

October 28, 2015 Appleby, an offshore firm, closed its London office late this summer, in a move that saw the firm reconsider the value of its London presence on various grounds. The process appears to have been instigated by the management buyout of its fiduciary business to Bridgeport last July. The firmwide review of logistics conducted for the buyout suggested that the office was not an optimal allocation of the firm's resources.

The office there had three partners, David Clark, Stephen James and Deborah Poole. Poole has apparently retired from the firm and is pursuing other interest. Clark has relocated to the British Virgin Islands while James has relocated to the Cayman Islands.

Appleby had a recent example to follow. In 2013, offshore firm Ogier completed a management buyout of its fiduciary business and pulled its presence out of London.

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