Allen & Overy race warming up as frontrunners emerge

November 13, 2015 With nominations for the leadership race at Allen & Overy only one month away, some names are bubbling to the surface as potential candidates to stand in the election. The election is expected to be held next February and will determine the successors for senior partner David Morley and managing partner Wim Dejonghe.

Morley first ascended to the role of senior partner back in 2008, at the time beating out corporate chair and financial institutions co-head Richard Cranfield. Some believe Cranfield may resubmit himself as a candidate this time around, while others perceive his opportunity to become senior partner as being behind him. Cranfield joined the firm in 1985.

Tim House, longtime dispute resolution head, could be a contender with Cranfield for the managing partner role, however. The pair are believed to run against incumbent Dejonghe, who will attempt to earn back the seat of managing partner. Morley will retire from his position at the end of his term. Another name mentioned is former Amsterdam head Arnold Croiset van Uchelen. He has been noted for his popularity outside of London.

A handful more candidates appear to be fit to stand for nomination. They include banking co-head Stephen Kensell, corporate co-head Andrew Ballheimer, finance partner John O'Connor and corporate partner Richard Browne. Additionally, employment partner Karen Steward and banking partner and board member Cathy Bell-Walker's names have been mentioned as potentially strong candidates.

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