Team of 43 bolts Greenwoods after sale

November 26, 2015 Before the ink could dry on the completion of the administration of Parabis, insurance firm Horwich Farrelly has entered the picture, the new home for a team of 43 coming from Greenwoods, a merger partner and defendant insurance arm of Plexus Law in 2013. Parabis was the parent of Plexus Law.

The team is comprised of seven partners and 36 lawyers and staff, including Greenwood's head of catastrophic injury, Malcolm Henke. Henke will step into the same role at Horwich Farrelly, with a team of 50 at his lead. It was reported previously that two partners, Bilal Mirza and Simon Lindsey, would be making the move. They are counted among the seven partners in the outcome of this move. The remaining four partners part of the move are catastrophic and personal injury partners Rod Evans, Jane Hall, Chris Crook, and Stephen Howcroft.

The number of staff at Horwich Farrelly will rise to 660 as a result of this deal.

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