Clyde & Co plans retooled diversity measures

November 30, 2015 Clyde & Co is undertaking a review of its diversity and inclusion practices under global HR director Pauline Caldwell. Caldwell was promoted to the role in August. The aim of the effort is to implement objectives that will be replicated across the firm's practices worldwide.

The firm does not see gender diversity as an issue at the recruitment stage but does admit it becomes an issue as fee-earners climb the ladder to partnership. The firm is trying to focus on diversity of background at the recruitment stage. To address gender diversity issues at higher levels, the firm will expand a senior leadership program it piloted in the Middle East, where three of seven participants were women.

Clydes had a total of 303 partners at the end of its recent financial year. Female partners accounted for 58 of those 303, or 19.1 percent of the partnership. When considering full equity partners, of which there are 165 in total, only 21 or 12.7 percent were female. Females were promoted to partnership nine times out of 29 over the past three years, making up 31 percent of the promotions in that time.

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