Allen & Overy makes Dejonghe senior partner

February 18, 2016 Allen & Overy announced today that managing partner Wim Dejonghe has been selected to take on the role of senior partner starting in May. Current senior partner David Morley is retiring at the end of April, after serving two terms.

Dejonghe has been managing partner of the firm for eight years. He ran against dispute resolution head Tim House, banking co-head Stephen Kensall and competition partner Michel Struys, who is based in Paris, for the role.

It should be known next week who will be taking on the role of managing partner from Dejonghe. Currently, corporate co-head Andrew Ballheimer, banking co-head Andrew Trahair and banking partner Michael Castle are all vying for the spot. Simon Black, a corporate finance partner in Tokyo, is the only partner standing in the elections that is not based in Europe.

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