BLM’s PEP sinks by 27%

August 20, 2016 BLM’s average profit per equity partner (PEP) dropped to £205,000 in 2015/16 from £279,000 in 2015/15, a decline of 26.5 per cent. Turnover increased 3.5 per cent, landing at £107.7m, a decline in growth from 2014/15, when turnover increased by 17 per cent from £89m to £104.1m. Despite the slight uptick in turnover, the firm’s net profit fell by 26.4 per cent to £11.7m in 2015/16 from £15.9m in 2014/15.

BLM is preparing for a number of growth initiatives at the moment, such as scouting a potential new Dublin office, preparing to expand its international network, and increasing headcount.


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