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Bonus time at small US law firms: slim pickings

Dec 9, 2010 Above The Law has run an informal survey on the bonuses offered by small law firms, with highly variable results. A third of respondents reported getting no performance-based bonus whatsoever. Of those that did get a…

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Survey predicts more cuts to equity partnerships

Dec 1, 2010 The days of cuts to the partner ranks are not over, according to a new survey onducted by the Amercan Lawyer. The survey reports almost 70 per cent of the 124 respondents said their firms plan to ask partners to leave in…

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BigLaw bonuses won't make you happy

Nov 30, 2010 This article points out that the big law model requires a high level of attrition, and maximum profit is achieved if a good number of associates leave after three or four years. In this context, it is easy to see…

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