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New law school rankings weights for employment stats

Aug 28, 2012 The National Jurist has published its annual ranking of the Best Value Law Schools. The ranking takes into account the following criteria: tuition (25% of study), cost of living expenses (10%), average indebtedness upon…

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The law schools that bestow the largest debt burden

Mar 27, 2012 As high-paying graduate jobs become ever more scarce in the US, the debt burden carried by law students is becoming a point of considerable controversy. US News recently conducted a survey to shed some light on the scale…

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Rankings for best value law schools in the US

Aug 18, 2010 The National Jurist has named the 60 best value law schools in its preLaw magazine. These rankings represent a departure from other lists because they do not focus upon prestige. Instead, schools are tested against four…

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