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'Tesco Law' begins in England and Wales

Oct 6, 2011 The much anticipated reform to the Legal Services Act has come into force in England and Wales, under which banks and supermarkets are now able to sell consumer legal services. The changes are intended to encourage…

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Judiciary crisis in Pakistan

Feb 15, 2010 Justice Sharif, Justice Nisar reject govt decision Updated at: 1913 PST, Saturday, February 13, 2010 ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Khwaja Sharif and Justice Saqib Nisar, the senior most LHC…

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Kosovo Is Recognized but Rebuked by Others

Feb 19, 2008 Kosovo won the recognition of the United States and its biggest Western European allies on Monday, while earning rebukes and rejections from Serbia, Russia and a disparate mix of states the world over who face their own…

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