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Kuala Lumpur leads Asian IPO market

Aug 31, 2012 Until late last year, Hong Kong was the world leader for initial public offerings, but now the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ranks at ninth place in terms of funds raised in IPOs, according to statistics published by…

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Malaysia moves to open legal market

Jul 23, 2012 Malaysia is making moves to liberalise its legal services market, tabling a bill that would offer foreign law firms a number of ways to operate in the country. The Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill 2012 provides for…

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Yulchon leads $1.27 billion petrochemical deal

Jul 28, 2010 Korean law firm Yulchon has taken a leading role in the US$1.27 billion acquisition of a 72 per cent stake in Kuala Lumpur based Titan Chemicals Corp by Seoul-based Honam Petrochemical Corp. Yulchon is advising Honam…

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