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US legal services sector shed 1,300 jobs in March

Apr 9, 2012 The US legal services sector lost 1,300 jobs last month, according to the latest figures released by the Labor Department. The figures neutralise the modest gains made by the sector in February, which shows a net…

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US legal services sector adds 1000 jobs in January

Feb 6, 2012 The legal services sector in the US added about 1000 jobs in January, regaining at least some of the ground lost in January, when the sector lost 1,800 jobs. Things are certainly more stable now than they were in…

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Outsourcing industry growing at 20-30 % per year

Dec 22, 2010 Legal outsourcing can still be described as small. Of the $180 billion that Americans spend annually on legal services, only about $1 billion goes to outsourcers. But change is afoot, and clients are driving a shift…

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