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India's legal market out of reach?

Mar 18, 2010 A new report by RSG Consulting suggests that India’s legal market will be worth $800 million this year, and will grow to more than $1 billion within three years. The boom is powered by the vigorous international…

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Market disruption clauses invoked

Oct 7, 2008 Banks have over the past week used or are considering using market disruption provisions in their loan agreements to pass on their increased cost of funding to their customers. The background to this is that the cost to…

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Hard Case: Job Market Wanes for U.S. Lawyers

Sep 24, 2007 A law degree isn't necessarily a license to print money these days. For graduates of elite law schools, prospects have never been better. Big law firms this year boosted their starting salaries to as high as $160,000.…

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