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The Death Penalty Dilemma Facing California

Jan 12, 2012 Should capital punishment in California be streamlined or abolished. That is the question that is reaching critical mass in this budget crunching climate. As a long standing confrontation between proponents and…

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EU Court Set to Rule on 'VW Law'

Oct 23, 2007 A ruling Tuesday by the European Union's top court on a law shielding Germany's Volkswagen AG from takeover will set the boundaries on how far national governments can go to protect industry. The European Court of…

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Ohio Federal Judge Strikes Down Net-Censorship Law

Sep 26, 2007 An Ohio federal judge on Monday struck down Ohio's combined "harmful to minors" law on the grounds that it ran afoul of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech. Fortunately, U.S. District Judge Walker…

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