Effect of Social Networking on your Injury Claim

If you are injured and seeking compensation then you have to aware of various issues involved in the compensation claim process. There are several instances where insurance companies use underhand tactics in order to nullify your insurance claim. The latest tool used by insurance companies can be your Facebook or even Orkut account. In the past few year’s Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Orkut have gained significant popularity. People regularly throng these websites to post information about themselves, photos or even videos. These websites are proving as modern age social clubs where people can update each other about their daily life. Accident victims who initiate legal actions often make claims that their lives have changed due to the accident. These victims complain of pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and being unable to enjoy their daily activities. They also complain how their life has changed after the accident. Therefore make sure not to post any material which can be used against you in the court. Insurance companies can even get Court permission to scramble through your private profiles on these social networking websites.

Effect of Social Networking on your Injury Claim 866attylaw.com 866attylaw.com Mon, May 4, 2009