Bird & Bird conducts redundancies on the sly

Something is up at Bird & Bird, according to a report at RollOnFriday. The firm maintains that it has had no mandatory redundancy rounds, but a number of staff have reportedly come under pressure to resign. One former member of staff says that she came back from maternity leave to be offered a choice of resigning immediately with a cash settlement - or reapplying for her job and getting only statutory redundancy if she was unsuccessful. Over time 20 other staff were offered the same ‘choice’. In a carefully worded statement, the firm said "We do not comment on the details of individual employees contractual arrangements with the firm. Our assertion is that Bird & Bird has not made any mandatory large-scale redundancy rounds as a result of the recession. During the normal course of business, certain roles and job functions will become redundant or are restructured. We have made a handful of redundancies mainly due to restructuring in support departments rather than cost cutting."

Bird & Bird conducts redundancies on the sly Fri, Aug 27, 2010