2010: not such a bad year for lay-offs

Major US law firms laid off 745 people in 2010, down from a 12,259 people laid off in 2009 (the worst year on record), and lower than the 2008 figures when 1,992 people lost their jobs. The figures, compiled by Law Shucks, tracked 26 rounds of layoffs by 22 major law firms. They show a sharp decline in the redundancy rate, though the report notes that layoffs are widely under-reported. Howrey laid off the most lawyers in 2010, sending 59 attorneys packing and putting them in the #1 spot in the Law Shucks list. By way of comparison, it is worth noting that Fish & Richardson laid off nearly double that number of lawyers (103) in 2009 and was placed at #10. In 2009 the #1 position with the most layoffs was Allen & Overy, with 260 lawyers made redundant.

2010: not such a bad year for lay-offs lawshucks.com lawshucks.com Tue, Jan 25, 2011