CMS Cameron and Integreon strengthen relations

CMS Cameron McKenna has recently outsourced its business services to Integreon, and impact of this decision has now resulted in CMS laying-off 33 of their 363 strong business services staff. Cameron is also relocating 21 percent of its staff i.e. 76 employees to India and Bristol, reports the Lawyer. CMS Cameron McKenna Managing Partner, Duncan Weston stated, “We’re pleased to be moving forward with our plans to work with Integreon. Unfortunately, this will mean some redundancies in London as Integreon relocates and adds resources to Bristol and India, re-engineers processes and deploys new technology. The changing legal landscape requires constant innovation in the way we do business. This new approach to our business services will give us the ability to focus on our clients and provide a more sophisticated service. It creates greater flexibility to scale support services based on demand, and gives us access to a more advanced technology with the benefits of future investment by Integreon towards building a unified business model. It’ll also allow us the option to integrate our approach to business services across our international businesses”.

CMS Cameron and Integreon strengthen relations Fri, Jan 28, 2011