UK couples may be forced to mediate divorces

New government proposals could force UK couples to take their divorce disputes to before resorting to the court system. The move was announced by Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly, a former SJ Berwin partner who believes that mediation is "a quicker, cheaper and more amicable alternative". The proposal was presented as part of the wider Justice Department cuts, including government plans to scrap legal aid for relationship disputes, and it is intended to reduce pressure on the court system and provide crucial government savings. The plan has its critics, however, with the Law Society saying "the government is creating a myth that mediation is a panacea to justify cuts to legal aid," and family lawyers stating any decent lawyer would suggest mediation as a first step anyway and that to paint the majority of claims before the court as trivial ignores the complexities of many divorces.

UK couples may be forced to mediate divorces Mon, Feb 28, 2011