News about Reform

New head of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce to focus on entry of foreign law firms Thu, Oct 4, 2012Reed Smith formalises alliance with Greek firm Wed, Sep 26, 2012Singapore promotes itself as a legal services hub Mon, Aug 27, 2012Addleshaws simplifies path to partnership Thu, Aug 2, 2012Malaysia moves to open legal market Mon, Jul 23, 2012South Korea licenses three foreign firms Mon, Jul 16, 2012Malaysia clears the way for foreign law firms Wed, Jun 20, 2012The US legal education system: proposals for reform Thu, Jun 7, 2012US law schools must reform to offer students a better deal Wed, Jun 6, 2012Nigerian Senate increases the size of the judiciary Fri, May 25, 2012South Africa to reform legal industry Wed, May 23, 2012Long term thinking could save biglaw Wed, May 16, 2012American Bar Association rejects proposal for non-lawyer ownership in law firms Thu, Apr 19, 2012Chairman of the Bar Counsel of India nears end of term Mon, Apr 16, 2012Proposed reform would allow foreign firms more than one office in Japan Mon, Apr 9, 2012NY State Bar says UK firms with non-lawyer owners can't work in NY Thu, Mar 22, 2012Clifford Chance announces formation of US financial services regulatory group Wed, Mar 14, 2012Paul Campos proposes 30% cut to Stanford Law School's fees Tue, Mar 13, 2012Small claims to be mediated by telephone in England and Wales Thu, Mar 1, 2012Recession-era measures seem as though they are here to stay Thu, Feb 2, 2012Debate continues about whether foreign lawyers may fly in to advise clients in India Mon, Jan 30, 2012ABA considers allowing non-lawyers to have a stake in law firms for which they work Wed, Dec 7, 2011ABA considers penalties for law schools that misrepresent job prospects Fri, Oct 21, 2011Liberalisation of law firm ownership in the UK - has anything changed? Wed, Oct 19, 2011UK law firms face tough indemnity insurance market Tue, Sep 6, 2011India to reform court processes for IP disputes Mon, May 9, 2011UK frms scramble to hire fraud experts ahead of new anti bribery law Sat, Mar 26, 2011UK couples may be forced to mediate divorces Mon, Feb 28, 2011Singapore to allow foreign lawyers to practice commercial law Wed, Jan 12, 2011Think tank calls for reform of UK legal education Wed, Dec 29, 2010
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