White & Case outsources switchboard service to Manila

White & Case's London office is outsourcing its telephone switchboard operation to Manila in order to cut costs. The savings aren’t likely to be too impressive, since demand for switchboard services has dropped off to such an extent that there has been just one person answering the phones in the London office. But since the salary for call-centre workers in Manila can be as low as US$300 a month the offshoring seemed like a good idea to those counting pennies at White & Case. A spokeswoman for the firm said that "the volume of calls to the London switchboard has dropped significantly due to the increased use of email, direct dial and mobiles. The switchboard has been jointly operated out of our Manila affiliate and the London office for the past few years and now all in-bound calls will be answered in Manila."

White & Case outsources switchboard service to Manila rollonfriday.com rollonfriday.com Tue, May 17, 2011