Norton Rose overhauls lockstep system

Norton Rose has announced an overhaul of its remuneration system, modifying the lockstep to take greater account of merit. The lockstep system currently runs from 100 to 250 points, with three gateways and a 300-point super plateau. Under the modified system, the lockstep bands will be between 100 and 350 points, with partners able to move within their band annually and assessed for movement between bands every three years. The changes are intended to allow faster advancement for high-performing young partners, and to increase the rewards for star partners. Norton Rose chief executive Peter Martyr said: “Broadly speaking we have had a relatively traditional structure for partner remuneration in the past. The partnership has now decided to change it to allow greater flexibility when taking into account the range of a partner’s performance.”

Norton Rose overhauls lockstep system Fri, Sep 30, 2011