Bar Professional Training Course applications rise as pupillages fall

January 25, 2012 Applications for the Bar Professional Training Course in the UK have risen to over 3000, despite the number of pupillary places falling to just 446 first six pupillages this year. The number of applicants has risen from 2,657just one year previous.

The problem of oversupply is receiving some address with the introduction of aptitude testing and more rigorous entrance requirements. These measures meant that just 1,618 of the applicants were eligible for admission to the course – a success rate of 52%, down from 67% the year before.

According to Roll on Friday, up to a third of those 1,618 will be overseas students who will return home to practice once called to the bar, and around 20% will fail the course, leaving around 1,000 new barristers chasing 446 first six pupillages. These young barristers will face competition from their classmates, as well as those who passed the BPTC in the previous five years and remain jobless.


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