Discussion paper says UK legal education is 'not fit for purpose'

September 7, 2012 The Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) has published a discussion paper on the state of legal education in the UK, making preliminary findings that the education system is “not fit for purpose”. 

The LETR combines the SRA, Bar Standards Board and ILEX, and it was commissioned in June 2011 to deliver its final report in December of this year.

The discussion paper notes that the legal services market has undergone significant change, and that the modern system calls for skills that are not currently being taught in law schools. According to the paper: "Evidence to date...suggests that there are gaps...in core knowledge and commercial skills. More fundamental gaps have been highlighted as regards client relations/communication skills, ethical awareness and organisational skills. If this is correct we suggest it is difficult to see that the system as a whole is fit for its purposes". 

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