Bombay High Court designates 8 male lawyers as senior counsel

September 22, 2012 The Bombay High Court has honoured eight male advocates with the designation of senior counsel. Six of the new senior counsel are based in Mumbai, one is in Aurangabad and one is in Nagpur.

The new senior advocates are:
Ramesh N Dhorde
Vimal K Gupta
Vineet B Naik
Chandrashekhar S Kaptan
Prashant Subhash Pratap
Peshotan Nadir Modi
Rajiv L Patil
Anil C Singh

Once again, no female lawyers were chosen for the designation. Of 15 lawyers chosen in the jurisdiction last year, none were women, and in the last 20 years only six women have been designated as senior counsel in the Delhi and Mumbai High Courts.


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