New head of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce to focus on entry of foreign law firms

October 4, 2012 The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce has elected Fox Mandal partner Shourya Mandal as its National President. Mandal takes over the role from outgoing President Anand Desai, the Legal Managing Partner at DSK.

Mandal has indicated that reforming the Indian legal system to accommodate the entry of foreign law firms will be a priority.
“I think India is about to embark upon a new phase of reforms and it will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the next year. Obviously, the US business community is watching keenly whether India can implement the next phase of reforms or not”, said Mandal.
Mandal addedL “We would also definitely like to interact with the government on the issue of entry of foreign law firms to discuss what the government plans to do in this area and we will see whether next stage of reforms will cover this sector”.


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