Zhonghao and ONC Lawyers form alliance with an eye on merger

Chongqing-based Zhonghao Law Firm and Hong Kong’s ONC Lawyers have settled the terms of an alliance with a view to a possible merger in the future. The agreement provides for a closely associated operation, and a press release explains that "the two firms are aiming at building up an integrated legal service institution, strengthening the connection and communication between the legal markets of the mainland and Hong Kong, sharing resources, and providing high-standard services to clients across the region”.     Zhonghao has five offices in Mainland China - Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Beijing and Shanghai - and carries a roster of 30 partners and 200. ONC Lawyers is one of Kong Kong’s largest local law firms, with more than 100 members of lstaff.   Yuan Xiaobing, managing partner of Zhonghao, told ALB: “We are taking three steps towards an alliance: First the associated operation, pending on the approval of the Hong Kong Bar Association. Once it’s completed, they (ONC) can open in our Shanghai or Chongqing office. Then we could attempt to work on a merger in one or two years if we obtain mutual consent.”

Zhonghao and ONC Lawyers form alliance with an eye on merger asia.legalbusinessonline.com asia.legalbusinessonline.com Tue, Oct 16, 2012